White Friday Deals: Shahid Offers 50% Lifetime

This White Friday (The Middle East edition of Black Friday), Shahid VIP is offering 50% off on monthly plans for a lifetime.

Shahid VIP platform is a popular online streaming platform for Arabic content to watch exclusive series and Shahid originals. Besides, it offers target Arabic and international content for children.

Moreover, you can enjoy watching your movies and series on the Shahid Plus website or on the application using your tablet, smartphone, smart TV, or laptop.

Shahid was developed by the MBC group to capitalize on the spread of Netflix in the MENA region. They pride themselves as the best online streaming platform for Arabs.

The network has started producing exclusive content “Shahid Originals” a few months ago, especially Egyptian, Lebanese, and gulf series.

Original series on Shahid

  • 8 days – Action- Drama
  • Mawdo’o A’eli- Social- Comedy
  • Final Scene- Drama
  • Hell’s Gate- Action- Excitement
  • The Fourth Wall- Thriller
  • The Fates Hotel- Drama- Crime
  • The Thief 2- Drama- Suspense
  • The Role- Action- Suspense
  • Beirut 6:07- Drama
  • Rashash- Action- Drama
  • Every Week Has a Friday- Psychological – Action
  • Kidnap- Drama- Suspense
  • Mamlakat Iblis Season 2- Drama- Mystery
  • Blood Oath- Action – Drama
  • The Building- Comedy
  • Globie’s Colorful World- Cartoons
  • Toota Toota – Kids
  • Karimophobia- Family- Comedy
  • And much more…

The platform was launched in 2008 and rebranded in 2020. More than 27 million unique monthly users were reported by the end of Ramadan 2019, and it managed to capture a market share of 85% VOD viewership in the MENA.

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