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How to post Whatsapp status: Tricks you need to know

Tips & Tricks: How to Post Whatsapp Status?

Struggling with posting a Whatsapp Status? You are not alone. That's why we've put together all tips and tricks about the Snapchat cloned feature. WhatsApp status feature was launched in Feb 2017, enabling users to...
Carrefour Signs A Partnership with Meta

Carrefour Signs A Partnership with Meta

Carrefour has launched a partnership with Meta; to support the group's digital transformation, and provide more personalized experiences for customers and 320,000 employees. The initiative will be rolled out across the group's nine integrated countries (France,...
Facebook goes down

Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Ads Manager Go Down

The Facebook Family "WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, Ads Manager, Workplace and Facebook" have all gone down in a major outage globally. Facebook app run on shared infrastructure – all completely stopped working before 7:30 pm GMT+3...
whatsapp signal telegram

WhatsApp Dilemma: To Signal or Not to Signal

Update: Whatsapp announced on January 15th, 2021 that it is moving back the date from February 8. It also announced it will " go to people gradually to review the policy at their own...
instaConsult Launches Personal Consultation via Whatsapp

instaConsult Launches Personal Consultation via Whatsapp

In this age, technology can literally be injected into your skin. So don’t expect this to be a far topic. Actually, we’re utilizing technology to fetch you the best global consultants to help you...
Facebook Libra, Facebook Calibra, Facebook Crypto

Facebook Announces Cryptocurrency ‘Libra’, Digital Wallet ‘Calibra’

Yesterday, Facebook has shared plans for Calibra, a digital wallet for Libra, a new global currency powered by blockchain technology. The wallet will be available in Messenger, WhatsApp and as a standalone app —...
WhatsApp Down

WhatsApp Down, ‘Unable to Connect’ for Millions of Users

WhatsApp went offline 9:00PM GMT for Millions of users across the globe as users reported inability to connect to the messaging app server. For over 60 minutes and counting, the company still didn't announce any estimated time...
WhatsApp ends support to blackberry, iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4S, iOS 6, nokia, windows phones

WhatsApp to end support for millions of phones in 2017

  World's most popular messaging app, WhatsApp has some tough decisions and it's really bad news for many people. The Facebook-owned company, WhatsApp announced that its mobile app will be no longer supported on millions of phones, the old...
secure video calling on WhatsApp

WhatsApp adds secure video calling amid privacy concerns

One of the world’s most popular means of communication, WhatsApp, is adding fully encrypted video calling to its messaging app on Monday, a move that comes as privacy advocates worry about the potential for...
dark social, whatsapp, research, digital boom

Why MENA communicators should care about dark social?

Let me ask you a question. Name the most popular application on the phones of consumers in the Middle East. It's not Instagram. It's not Twitter, and it's not Snapchat. As you clever ones...

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