EgyptAir Flight MS181 Hijacked, Diverted to Cyprus

EgyptAir domestic flight MS181 between Alex – Cairo has been hijacked on 8:30 AM local time and landed at Larnaca Airport in Cyprus as requested by the hijacker who has a suicide belt – Confirmed EgyptAir


“An EgyptAir official declared that flight number MS181 heading from Borg El- Arab Airport in Alexandria to Cairo Airport was forced to be diverted to Larnaca airport in Cyprus as the aircraft was hijacked. The aircraft type is Airbus A320 with 56 passengers onboard in addition to 7 crew members and one security member. The aircraft landed safely at Larnaca airport.” said EgyptAir’s official website.

EgyptAir official website statement

Cypriot state media reported that the aircraft landed safely and the airport will remain closed due to the situation and all flights routed to another airport.

Also, 20 passengers (all Egyptians) have been released from the hijacked ‪EgyptAir flight MS181 at Larnaca airport, however the 7 crew members and Eight Britons and 10 Americans passengers are still locked on board.

Negotiations are undergoing with the hijacker who just wanted to deliver a message to his ex-wife who is Cypriot’. Said Cypriot state TV.

News still flooding, will keep you posted as situation develops

1:55 PM Cairo Time:

It’s over, Cyprus tweets EgyptAir hijacker arrested.

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