TikTok to introduce avatars, live audio, new creator tools, more

TikTok is working on a number of new features including, Bitmoji-like avatars, keyword filtering for the “For You Page”, group chats, audio-only live streams, and more tools for creators.

Bitmoji-like avatars feature lets you use your phone’s camera to take a selfie with a fun facial expression that your avatar will match. You would be able to fully customize the look of your avatar”, also you will be able to screen sharing on live streams.

tiktok Bitmoji-like avatars
Source: Matt Navarra on Twitter

A TikTok spokesperson said ”  “We’re always thinking about new ways to bring value to our community and enrich the TikTok experience”, confirming that these features are seriously being considered, he said that when TikTok tries out new ideas, the goal is to get feedback from users — the resulting feature, if it gets rolled out, could look absolutely different from what we see in leaks.

Some of these leaked features have already been publicly tested in some form, such as paid creator subscriptions. But subscriber-only emotes and comment sections that borrow directly from Twitch, could make sense in the context of yet another recent TikTok test: a desktop streaming software called Tik Tok Live Studio.

The keyword filtering feature which is similar to Twitter’s muted words feature has already been mentioned as part of TikTok’s ongoing effort to clean up it’s For You Page.

TikTok wrote in a December blog post” We’re working on a feature that would let people choose words or hashtags associated with content they don’t want to see in their For You feed”, the other ideas, like avatars and audio-only live streams, point toward other potential avenues for TikTok’s expansion. If they can do Livestream video, why wouldn’t they try to capitalize on interest in live audio?

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