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Google boycott: Is it all about free PR?

Originally Published by Stefan Michel – professor of marketing and service management at IMD business school in Switzerland. Swiss companies, such as the soft cheese manufacturer Baer and...
Maadi under destruction

Maadi under destruction, how to stand up for your heritage?

Would you stand for your Identity? It was a story like no other, Brits and Egyptian Jews came in, bought some land from the Khedive himself...
amr shady on digital boom explaining personalities of successful founders, 6 Personalities of Successful Founders

6 Personalities of Successful Founders

What makes a successful founder? Many in the startup ecosystem have stepped in to answer this question, which is constantly being asked by founders...
Fallout of the Careem - Fakharany Saga

Fallout of the Careem – Fakharany Saga

It started so well. One of the most respected Egyptian IT executives, a 3Com and Google veteran (disclaimer – I briefly worked with Wael...

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