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How AI can open up Silicon Valley to international investors

How AI can open up Silicon Valley to international investors

Mobile apps are detecting skin cancer. Drones are delivering aid across continents. Artificial intelligence is disrupting every aspect of our lives. The venture capital world is no exception. VCs are heading in the same direction,...
Four Takeaways From Google Cloud Next ’18 by Sherif Kozman, CEO of Extreme Solution

Four Takeaways From Google Cloud Next ’18 by Sherif Kozman, CEO of Extreme Solution

25,000 tech professionals, entrepreneurs, engineers and developers from all around the world gathered in the Moscone Center in San Francisco for the three-day Google Cloud Next '18, listening to topnotch speakers from Google, sharing...
gender diversity, Face to face with 'Junk gender diversity'

Face to face with ‘Junk gender diversity’

Are you interested in gender diversity topic? In the last decade that has become, increasingly, a non negotiable mandate for international corporates. Almost all are currently carrying a full diversity and inclusion program! Specially, gender...
Osman Badran Shares His Thoughts on Egypt’s National Football Team’s Plane Branding

Sponsors hijack Egypt’s World Cup 2018 airplane branding

Egypt revealed the 2018 World Cup airplane on Tuesday sparking frenzied criticism on social media over the state-owned mobile operator’s excessive branding which dominated the paint work. "These are not the colors of the Egyptian...
A look into Apple's iPhone X Marketing Strategies, iPhone X, apple marketing strategies, apple iPhone X, apple watch series 3, iOS 11

A look into Apple’s iPhone X Marketing Strategies

The tech baron announced three new iPhones and an Apple watch. As though that was not enough to draw attention, the company employed advertising techniques that have not been used before in smartphones. The iPhone...
3 Ways Telecom Companies Can Outlive the Digital Revolution, can telecom adapt digital revolution?

3 Ways Telecom Companies Can Outlive the Digital Revolution

The telecom industry is approaching a tipping point. Average revenue is falling and many telecom providers are experiencing significant reductions in their basic communication service revenues: as much as 30% in SMS messaging, 20% in...
Cannes Lions 2017, Cannes Lions Predictions: Less roaring, more bite

Cannes Lions 2017 Predictions: Less roaring, more bite

“Doing good” is for most brands (and agencies) like pissing in a wet suit. It feels nice and warm, but quickly begins to stink. Femvertising, gayvertising, goodvertising, causevertising or whatever you call it seems to...
pizza hut palatine, pizza hut boycott, pizza hut israel, boycott pizza hut

Why Middle East marketing and politics don’t mix

Growing up in the region, I was (and still am) far too talkative. To keep me from getting into trouble, I was told, in no uncertain terms by my late father that I shouldn’t...
youtube error, google boycott, youtube boycott, youtube advertising

Google boycott: Is it all about free PR?

Originally Published by Stefan Michel – professor of marketing and service management at IMD business school in Switzerland. Swiss companies, such as the soft cheese manufacturer Baer and Swiss Life, have announced that they will stop placing any...
Maadi under destruction

Maadi under destruction, how to stand up for your heritage?

Would you stand for your Identity? It was a story like no other, Brits and Egyptian Jews came in, bought some land from the Khedive himself along the Royal (now military) train tracks and then Maadi...

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